XIT Communications' board of directors is made up of representatives that live and work in the Texas Panhandle. Each director personally understands the real-life communication needs of the area and makes decisions in the best interest of the Panhandle residents.

  Larry Kemp
Represents Hartley County
Appointed to fill an unexpired term for James R. Wilson

  Gary Finch
Represents Hartley County
Elected 2/2/72
Currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

  Gared McBryde
Represents Sherman County
Elected 3/10/10

  J.W. McClellan, Jr.
Represents Dallam County
Elected 3/19/83
Currently serves as President of the Board of Directors.

  Barry Poling
Represents Dallam County
Appointed on 10/16/13 to fill an unexpired term for E.H. Little

  Walter E. Lasley
Represents Sherman County
Elected 3/7/90
Currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

  Nick Olson
Represents Hartley County
Elected 3/10/10

  Marcia French
Represents Dallam County
Elected 3/9/11

  Steve Baskin
Represents Sherman County
Appointed 7/19/06 to fill the unexpired term of his late father, T.F. Baskin, III.




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