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Video on Demand Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Video on Demand?
Video on Demand from XIT allows our customers to select from hundreds of movies and other programs using their existing set top box and remote to rent available movies and programming.  On Demand allows you to watch hit movies whenever you want to, because you are in control of your viewing time.  Customers can pause, play, rewind, and fast forward VOD movies.  Movies can be viewed for up to 24 or 48 hours from the time of purchase. To see what's showing and watch a preview right now, check out our online Movies on Demand guide.

How do I know if I have Video on Demand?
All XITv customers should have VOD automatically activated in their TV profile, unless the customer has specifically requested that the service be blocked.  Check your IPTV menu.   Using your XIT-IPTV remote press the MENU button, VOD should be the fourth item listed on your on-screen menu.  If VOD is not listed as a menu option, please contact your local XIT office.

How much does it cost to rent a VOD Movie or other content?
Pricing for video on demand varies depending on the type of movie or content rented.  Once you have selected a movie category, you will see the list of movies within that particular category.  Each movie will be listed with price and movie rating clearly displayed alongside the movie title.   The price will also display once you have selected a movie.  If you do not wish to rent a movie once it has been selected, simply use the EXIT button on your remote to exit out of the movie selection screen.  If you have entered your PURCHASE PIN and selected BUY, you have purchased the movie.

How long do I have to view a movie once it is rented?
The movie viewing window is 24 hours for the majority of XIT’s Video on Demand movies.  Movies in the 2-Day Rental category have a 48 hour viewing window.  You may watch the movie more than once during the viewing time period.  The viewing window for adult content movies is 6 hours.

Can I stop my VOD movie and finish watching it later?
Yes, you can stop your movie anytime you want and it will be saved for up to 24 hours (or 48 depending on the movie selected) from the time you rented the movie.  If the movie has been paused and the movie has exited your TV screen, it has been saved at the point it was paused in the “Rented Movies” category in the VOD menu.    To restart your movie, return to the
Menu > VOD Menu > Rented Movies category > Select the Movie > Select PLAY.  The movie will begin from the point it was paused.  

Can I preview a Movie before renting it?
Yes, most of our VOD content allows you to read about the plot or view a preview trailer.  You can preview movies on our website (see Movies on Demand previews) or once a movie has been selected the customer has the option to read about the plot or view a preview before renting the movie. 

Can I preview movies from the XX Adult Movie category?
No, there is no option to preview movies in the XX Adult category. Once the purchase PIN has been entered and BUY has been selected the movie has been purchased and you will be billed for the movie. The viewing window for adult content movies is 6 hours.

Do VOD movies come in High Definition TV?
Yes, many VOD movies can be purchased in High Definition (HD).  You will see (HD) listed alongside the movie title. If HD is not indicated then the movie will be broadcast in Standard Definition (SD). If, you have used the Advanced Search to find a specific movie, the search will list the movie title and price for the SD version and HD version if available. You will have the option to select the HD version of the movie. Within the VOD menu there is a category HD on Demand with strictly HD content available in this category.

Why do I have to use a Purchase PIN to rent movies?
The purchase PIN provides you with the security of knowing that only you or the family members that have been provided the purchase PIN are authorized to rent movies in your home.   The purchase PIN provides an accurate tracking of the time and date of the VOD rental purchase.

What if I forget my Purchase PIN number?
Simply create a new Purchase PIN.  You will have to know your system logon password (default is 1234) in order to create a new Purchase PIN. 
Using your XIT-IPTV remote: Menu > Settings > Account > Purchase Pin

Follow the on-screen instructions to: Enter New PIN > Confirm New PIN > Password (Default is 1234 unless changed by customer, then use the password set up by the customer) > Apply

What if I forget my XIT system logon password?
If you have changed the default 1234 logon password to a password unique for your household and have lost or forgotten your password, it will need to be reset. Contact XIT, the password can be reset to the default 1234 or to a number supplied by the customer.

Watch the latest movies on Video on Demand a month before Netflix® and Redbox®What does this symbol mean?
When you see the B4 logo, you know that the newest movies will be coming to XIT’s On Demand library twenty-eight days before Netflix® and Redbox®.