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Video on Demand How to Guide

How to Set Up Purchase PIN How to Access Stingray Karaoke Music
How to Rent a Movie How to Pause, Play, Rewind & Fast Forward
How to use VOD Advanced Search VOD Categories


Use your XIT-IPTV Remote Control to access the VOD menu options and navigate VOD Movies:

Menu & Guide Navigation Controls: Use arrow buttons (Watch the latest movies on Video on Demand a month before Netflix® and Redbox®) to scroll from item to item. Use the OK button to select.
Video On Demand & DVR Controls: Use these buttons to Pause, Play, Rewind and Fast Forward.

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How to Set Up Purchase PIN for Video on Demand

A 4-digit numeric Purchase PIN is required when purchasing any VOD content.
Using your XIT-IPTV remote: Menu > Settings > Account > Purchase PIN
Follow the on-screen instructions to: Enter New PIN > Confirm New PIN > Password (Default is 1234)* > Apply

Be sure to write down your Purchase PIN number!

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How to Rent VOD Movie or FREE VOD Programming

Using your XIT- IPTV remote: Menu > VOD > Movies > Choose a Category > Select a Movie
Once a movie is selected you can rent the movie or read the plot or view a preview trailer.

To Rent: Select Rent > Enter your Purchase PIN > Select Buy – the movie will start immediately.

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How to Pause, Play, Rewind, and Fast Forward (Navigating a VOD movie)

You can stop or pause your movie anytime you want and it will be saved for up to 24 hours (or 48 depending on the movie selected) from the time you rented the movie.  If the movie has been paused and the movie has exited your TV screen, it has been saved at the point it was paused in the “Rented Movies” category in the VOD menu.   

To restart your paused or stopped movie: Menu > VOD Menu > Rented Movies category > Select the Movie > Select PLAY.  The movie will begin from the point it was stopped or paused.  

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Remote Control Navigation functions:

How to use the VOD Advanced Search

If you know the name of the movie title, director or actor, use the Advanced Search feature of the VOD Menu.

Using your XIT-IPTV remote: Menu > VOD > Search > Scroll and Select Advanced Search

Click on the ABC icon next to the Title or Director or Actor. The on-screen keyboard will appear. Using the remote control keypad; arrow keys move from letter to letter; use the OK button to select each letter. Begin typing the appropriate name or portion of the name you want to search on. The green checkmark saves the title that has been typed in. The pink eraser icon clears the last letter.

Once the title has been saved () SEARCH will now be highlighted, press OK to begin the search. A list of movies that correspond to the search will appear on screen. Click on the movie title to RENT, read the PLOT or view a preview TRAILER.

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How to access FREE on Demand - The Stingray Karaoke Channel

FREE on Demand content is rented at no charge, a purchase PIN is required.

Using your new XIT-IPTV Remote:
Menu > VOD > FREE on Demand > Music > Stingray Karaoke > Select a Music Category > Select Song > RENT.

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VOD Menu Categories:

Search – Offers a variety of search modes

All Movies – List of all movies available

Rented Movies – List all rented movies that are still available for viewing

Events – Mature Events, Ring Sports, Specials, Uncensored

FREE Movies – Offers a variety of FREE movies, changing each month

FREE on Demand – Offers a variety of FREE movies and programming

HD on Demand – Offers a variety of HD Movies and programming

Movies – All your favorite hit movies, new release movies and more

XX Adult – Adult content movies, not suitable for persons under the age of 18

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For more information about Video on Demand, please see our Video on Demand FAQ page.

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