Jayme Wilhelm is the daughter of Gerald and Gay Wilhelm. She is eighteen years old and attends Stratford High School. Jayme’s goal is to obtain a degree in nursing from West Texas A & M University. She said, “I find the science and rapid advances in technology fascinating. To be able to take this knowledge and help heal people will be fulfilling to me.” Jayme’s English teacher wrote, “She has attended seminars on her field and knows what she’s getting into. Her grades and her work ethics reflect her dedication and responsibility.” Congratulations, Jayme! XIT is honored to have you as one of our scholarship recipients.  

Jayme Wilhelm

Kayla Willard is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Jay and Kelly Willard. She attends Stratford High School, where she is ranked first in her class. Kayla plans on majoring in forensic science at Baylor University. Her school counselor said, “Her positive attitude and determination exemplifies the model student that she is. I believe that Kayla will devote herself whole-heartedly to her collegiate career.” Kayla says of her choice is her major, “Forensic science appeals to me because I love puzzles and solving mysteries. Anything that is mentally challenging attracts me like nothing else. I would love to be the person that gathers all the evidence from a crime scene and tries to figure out what happened and who did it.” XIT would like to congratulate Kayla and wish her great success in her college endeavors.

Kayla Willard

Allison White
is the eighteen-year-old daughter of Curt and Kay White of Dalhart, Texas. She attends Dalhart High School. After graduation, Allison plans on attending West Texas A & M University and majoring in agricultural education. Allison said, “My ultimate goal is to work with children who are deaf and hard of hearing. I learned how to sign in the 5th grade and feel like I can make a difference in the lives of young children.” Her school counselor noted, “Allison is a caring individual that has shown great potential for future endeavors. She is a highly motivated, pro-active young woman that has committed herself to education and her community.” XIT congratulates Allison, and hopes this scholarship helps her achieve her goals!

Allison White

Tyrel Crum is the eighteen-year-old son of Lewis and Gale Crum of Texline, Texas. He is currently ranked first in his class at Texline High School. Tyrel plans on attending Oklahoma Panhandle State University and obtaining a degree in agribusiness. Tyrel’s principal noted, “Ty is a very studious individual and works hard.” In his essay, Tyrel wrote, “I believe without the influence of my dad and 4-H, I would not have the strong work ethic I have today.” XIT wishes the best of luck to Tyrel in his future endeavors.


Tyrel Crum

Ryan McDaniel is the son of Garold and Debra McDaniel. He is eighteen years old and attends Stratford High School. Ryan plans on attending McMurry University to major in sports science and eventually continue into physical therapy. Ryan chose this route of study due to his personal experience. During his freshman and sophomore years of playing football, he had two major knee injuries. He said, “The minute I stepped in my doctor’s office, I was fascinated with everything he did.” Ryan’s football coach said, “Ryan’s uncompromising determination will make him a success at whatever he attempts. He is extremely dedicated in his desire to be successful.” XIT congratulates Ryan and hopes this scholarship helps him reach his goal.

Ryan McDaniel

Craig Reinart is the seventeen-year-old son of Joe and Janet Reinart of Stratford, Texas. He attends Stratford High School. Craig plans on attending the University of Arkansas to obtain a civil engineering degree. He said, “My dream has always been to build something big. I started building with Legos, Lincoln Logs and my sand box. Now I work with sheets of metal and pieces of wood. I want to make gigantic buildings and jaw dropping bridges.” His science teacher said, “Craig is goal oriented and always has a plan for achieving what he wants.” XIT wishes Craig great success in his college career.

Craig Reinart