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In May of 2000, XIT Rural Telephone awarded its first scholarships to area students through its XIT Rural Telephone Educational Program. This program is funded from unclaimed patronage capital credit checks.

Previously, XIT was required by the State of Texas to send all unclaimed funds to the State Comptroller's Office. However, changes in the law allow XIT to retain a portion of these unclaimed monies for its educational program. Since XIT's rural members are the only ones entitled to receive these capital credits, rural members' children, who are graduating seniors for the current year, are the only ones to qualify for the educational program.

Each recipient receives a minimum of a $2,000 scholarship to be awarded in increments based on the total number of college semesters to be attended. Funds are paid to the educational institution upon proof of the student's registration and acceptance.

Application packets are provided online and directly to area schools attended by members' children in late Fall with a January deadline.

Winners will be selected by a qualified committee based on academic achievement, involvement in extra curricular activities and financial need. The scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex or disability.

The winners will be notified by XIT management after the selection process is completed and introduced to the membership at the Cooperative's Annual Membership Meeting. Further announcements will be made at the schools' graduation or awards day ceremonies, whichever is customary, and also in local newspapers and XIT's quarterly newsletter, XIT Connections.



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